Epson 9900 Ink Wastage

How much ink does the Epson 9900 waste?

How much ink do these Large Format Printers really waste when they say the cartridge is empty?

We compare the popular Epson 9900 to the Canon IPF8400 and show you just how much money you are throwing away every time you change an ink cartridge…

We think you’ll be a little surprised!

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At I-Pixel, ongoing help & support is important to us and over the years we have provided training to our clients as part of our website packages, and we intend to continue offering this. However, during a training session there is an awful lot of information to take in and understand and invariably there are…


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ImperiumCMS End of Life Notification

Our in house content management system (ImperiumCMS) has unfortunately reached the end of the road. Due to various factors, we simply do not have the time to dedicate to its continued development. This is in part due to the fact that the core software used to develop the CMS has been removed from development, and…


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I-Pixel Client Support Portal – New for 2014

At I-Pixel, we are always looking for ways of improving not only the products we offer but also the level of service and support to new and existing clients. So, we have introduced a comprehensive Client Support Portal where you can request quotes, find copies of invoices, project timeline, due dates and progress reports. You…


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Does your company really need a website?

Does your company really need a website? If you talk to most web design companies they will tell you that every business should be online. As far as I’m concerned, that simply isn’t true. There are many instances where a web presence will not benefit an individual or company and paying for a website is…