Reproducing Your Artwork

Utilise our high quality fine art reproduction skills to create digital reproductions.

Fine Art Reproduction

Fine Art Reproduction

We are pleased to work closely with artists and photographers to reproduce their images on a range of quality large format media. We specialise in producing limited edition, fine art reproduction prints with no minimum quantities.

With high quality, state of the art 44” wide large format printers, utilising up to 11 HDR (High Dynamic Range) inks, we can produce stunning artist reproductions and photographic enlargements across a range of media.

If you’re an artist or photographer, your next print deserves the I-Pixel touch!

Capture and Colour Correction

Capturing fine art can be a costly and time consuming process; but I-Pixel have simplified the procedure with a very straightforward approach.

We take your original image, digitally capture it in incredible detail, then put it all together and provide an incredible high resolution file ready for colour correction, sharpening and finally printing.

Basic capture is just £40 per image (includes basic tonal correction). Additional colour correction/matching – £50 per hour (billed in 15 minute blocks). All sample prints can be purchased on any of the media we stock at our retail price (based upon area used).

We’ve created hundreds of super high quality digital captures of a diverse range of artwork, from abstracts to highly detailed illustrations for a range of purposes – from book production to enlargement, to historical signs and banners. Trust a company with a proven track record for created amazing reproductions.

Fine Art Colour Correction

  • Christine Dadd

    Christine Dadd

  • Lee Wright

    Lee Wright

  • Jeremy Thomas

    Jeremy Thomas

  • Paul Burgess

    Paul Burgess