High Quality Giclee Printing Services

Fine art and high quality large format photographic print reproduction


Canvas Prints

We use genuine water-resistant 450 gsm poly-cotton blend canvas that allows us to create stunning renditions of photographic images and fine artwork. We can produce prints up to 40” wide by 30 metres long.

These prints look phenomenal when stretched, framed and hung on the wall. Strong vibrant colours to subtle skin tones, true canvas look and feel and a real look of quality.

Crystalline Canvas: Crystalline is a 440gsm aqueous inkjet canvas that comes pre-made in both gloss and satin finishes.  This high performance inkjet canvas should be used with photo black ink and will deliver industry-leading dmax and color gamut a step above every other glossy or matte inkjet canvas available today.  It is ideal for high-end fine art and photography reproduction.

Textured Fine Art

As an alternative to canvas prints, we also offer textured fine art printing. We use a Hahnemuhle 310gsm Mould made, acidfree, natural white watercolour paper with an attractive textured surface.  It is ideal for reproducing traditional prints and highly detailed photographic imagery.

Photographic Print

For photographic prints we utilise a range of high quality media; with the most popular being our 250gsm Premium Glossy/Lustre papers. This paper has superb colour rendition and photographic enlargements take on a life of their own

Supplying Artwork

We can accept an extensive range of file formats and media types. You can supply us your artwork on CD, DVD,  memory card or email (sales@ipixel-design.co.uk). If you would like to ensure compatibility prior to sending artwork, please call us on 01873 85 55 85 or email us.

Fine Art Colour Correction

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