April 21st is an important date for anyone with a website, especially those who rely on it for their business!

Why? Because Google are set to roll out an update that could have a massive impact on your search results…

The ‘Mobile Friendly Search Results‘ update is going to shake things up for mobile users, and that is where the problem lies for many businesses. If you’re website is not mobile friendly, you’re going to be dropped down the listings in favour of those that are. Obviously, if your website is being searched for on a normal desktop or laptop computer this shouldn’t make much of a differernce to you. However, those numbers are quickly getting less in favour of people using mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc).

What is Mobile Friendly?

We’re not talking about just seeing a scaled down version of your website, we’re talking full on mobile responsive sites here. Ones that are configured and designed to provide the right experience based upon the device being used. Now, why is this so scary? Well, simply put, searches on mobile devices actually exceed that of desktop computers! That means, over half over your potential customers are using mobile devices, and if your website isn’t configured for those devices then you are going to drop down the search results and that could mean a massive loss of earnings as no-one will be able to find you unless they are searching specifically for you and even then, the results are not guaranteed to be in your favour.

Test your Website!

How does your website stack up? You can use the Google Mobile Friendly Test to see if your website will be affected.

What to do next?

Simple! Call or email us and we can give you a competative quote on updating your existing website. Updating your website can also help improve yours and your visitors experience, help get better organic search engine rankings and provide a much easier way of maintaining your website without costing you the earth, or your business. Call us on 01873 85 55 85 or email us and we’ll be happy to minimise the impact that April the 21st may have on you, your website and your business!