• Paul Burgess Artwork

Paul Burgess creates a diverse range of stunning artwork and I-Pixel are proud to work closely with Paul to capture his eye catching work in perfect detail. Paul’s stunning limited edition prints are available through several outlests.

About Paul Burgess

I was born and brought up in the Wye Valley near Chepstow. I`ve been exploring this beautiful part of the country for most of my life, and it has been a major influence on my work for the past thirty years.

Generally my paintings can be divided into two distinct types; highly figurative representations of animals and landscapes often painted to commission for private clients. My other more personal work, although from a similar subject matter, is much more intense and concerned with pattern making. These images look highly realistic from a distance, tricking the eye and mind into making sense of the marks, yet on closer inspection repetitive blocks and shapes break up the surface into flattened patterned sections. In these intricately detailed images I explore my interest in the theory that all things in the natural world are inextricably connected; ideas I investigated and developed during a period of my life when I studied Buddhism and was ordained as a Buddhist monk.

I generally use tonal underpainting to start a picture off and get an idea of the colours and composition. The patterns are then overlaid by hand, in many cases allowing the underpainting to dictate how the pattern will turn out.

My work can be viewed at: The Art Gallery, Tetbury. The New Leaf Gallery, Monmouth. The Little House of Art, Glastonbury.