Colourful, Artistic & Creative

Chapel Cottage Studio’s colourful, artistic, eCommerce website offers a beautifully simple online experience for students booking art classes in the Black Mountains, South Wales.

Project Details:

Welsh artist & teacher wanted to revamp their existing website with a fresh design and the ability to take bookings for their numerous art courses. With this in mind, I put together a clean and fresh web design that provides a professional online appearance with an easy to manage online course booking facility.

Full course management, easy to update content and a fully mobile responsive design was key to providing the best user experience.

Working closely with Jantien and her daughter, Tiz, the new web design was developed to ensure the site reflected the look and feel of their promotional literature. Colourful, artistic and clean were the key components and the new web design certainly encapsulates this.

Not content to just develop an online website and course booking facility, a series of video training material is also in production for 2018 and will be available free of charge on the website, YouTube and Jantien’s own personal art website –

If you’re an artist looking for a beautiful website to display and sell your artwork, please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and get the website your work deserves!


Technologies Used:

Adobe Photoshop
Visual Composer